Leadership Team

Group Scout Leader (GSL)

Rob Laurence

The Group Scout Leader is essentially the “manager” of the Scout Group. They take overall responsibility for the Beavers, Cubs and Scout sections and ensure each of the section leaders run a balanced programme and help out with any problems they may have.

I started at the 90th as a helper when I left Scouts and, apart from 4 years when the family was young, I have been there ever since. I was the Scout Leader for a few years before becoming the GSL.  Scouting has changed massively in those years but it still retains its fundamental principles and aims.  Today there is so much opportunity open to anyone who wants to join in – not only for young people but also for adults.  It really can help you to achieve exciting and rewarding goals. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Assistant Group Scout Leader (AGSL)

Mel Lloyd

The Assistant Group Scout Leader helps the GSL with their role by providing extra support where needed.

I joined the 90th when my son became a Beaver Scout.  I began by just turning up every week and helping out as a parent but then, as I was enjoying being involved so much, I decided to take on a uniformed role and became a Beaver Scout Leader. Now as AGSL I have taken on a supporting role, helping the different sections when they need it and guiding the new leaders through their training. Scouting is a brilliant way to meet new people and feel as though you are making a difference and it is very rewarding!

Section Leaders

Each age specific section has their own leaders and helpers that are responsible for running their own programme of activities for the young people.