Ben’s blog about Matterhorn 

Wow! What a day. In my opinion, this has been one of the best days so far. Everyone has had a really fun time but are very tired as well. 

We had an early start this morning waking up at 7am. We then had to quickly get dressed, have breakfast, make a packed lunch before walking  to the nearby town and catching a train to Matterhorn. We stopped various times along the way and switched trains a few times. Finally after 2hrs of travelling we made it to the beautiful little village of Zermatt. We then jumped onto some cable cars which gave some amazing views of the mountains and Zermatt. It took about half an hour to get to the top and it suddenly got very cold and very snowy. We went up to the viewing platform to take some amazing pictures, however unfortunately the top of the Matterhorn was shrouded in fog so we couldn’t see all of it. We then went back down to have some tasty lunch. 

After lunch we went down to see the ice palace. It had loads of amazing ice sculptures and even a slide made out of ice! After spending some time there we went back down the cable cars to shop at Zermatt and got the train back to the village. 

We then had some delicious pizza in a restaurant with ice cream for pudding, it was very nice. 

By Ben Bradfield 


  1. That look amazing the ice palace must have been cold ,loved your blog Ben x

  2. Pete Smith

    Snow in July! Sounds great fun. Have a great time on the night hike.

  3. Nanna and Grancha

    Hey Meg, cannot believe what we are seeing.It looks out of this world! Lovin all the pictures ,don’t forget to have a lot of fun , see you soon xxxx Nanna and Grancha

  4. Stephanie Bradfield

    This is fantastic Ben! I’m absolutely loving all the photos, good work! xx

  5. Hey Meg, pictures are out of this world! Have fun xx Nanna and Grancha