High ropes at Interlaken

This morning we got up at 7.15 and had breakfast at 8am so we could catch a train to Spiez and then another one to Interlaken. Once we had gotten to Interlaken we had a small walk from the train up to the high ropes course. At the high ropes place we had to wait a couple of minutes before we put on our harnesses. Once we had done this we had a briefing and had a test run on a beginners course. There were a whole range of courses and difficulties from butterfly to Eagle. We spent a couple of hours there before we walked back to the train station. We stopped at a supermarket, here we had ice creams and ice lollies. Me, Liam, Jess and Harri got an extra ice cream but had to do the recycling! After this we got 2 trains and a bus back. When we got back we went straight to tea which was leek soup and macaroni cheese. After dinner we did the recycling,got wood and had a fire.

by James Hurst 


  1. Michele and Mike Hurst

    Awesome blog James! Hope you enjoyed the high ropes- you deserved that ice cream!!

  2. Emily's Matthews Mummy!

    What an amazing week you have had so far looks like everyone has enjoyed themselves.

    Do you have a campfire arranged before you leave.

  3. James Prince

    Leek soup and macaroni cheese. Lucky you. I’ve just eaten two packets of Rolos. Fantastic.

  4. Mel. Have u hurt yourself. Hope u r ok. Good skills using necker as sling. Be prepared !

  5. Michelle (SAMs mum)

    By the way can Sam come home soon. His mum is missing him. Doesn’t look like he is missing home too much !

  6. What a fantastic day you all get to swing like monkeys! I very much doubt you’ve had time to miss home with the fun backed time you’ve had.