Hike to Oschiensee

Another eventful day today, we were going to walk up a mountain to a beautiful lake.

We started the walk in the campsite, then we walked to the village for the first part of the walk. We had to walk by a river. The walk was hot and tiring. It was really fun. When we finally got there we ate lunch. After lunch we had an ice cream. 

By Jess Scott 


  1. Steve and Karen House

    The scenery looks stunning. Fantastic pictures!

  2. Vicky & Dave

    We really really love these little updates – especially the pictures. Please keep them coming x

  3. Aunty Karen Devine

    It looks amazing! Glad you’re all having a great time. X

  4. Nanny and Grandad Waring.

    We love all the photos – what amazing scenery (and scouts!). X

  5. I’m loving the pictures it looks an amazing place love your smiling face Ben ,granny x