International Campfire evening 

After swimming we came back and had some tea which was creamy chicken and mushroom and for dessert we had straciatella. It was delicious. Soon after our free time (Adam, Issie, Jess, Meg and I had chips!!!) We went down to the campfire and had a fantastic time! There were so many people in different coloured t-shirts from different countries! There were people from Ireland, Portugal, Canada, Germany, Italy, Egypt, USA, Brazil, UK and loads of others. The countries all did different performances and my favourite one was the one with the muppets done by a Dutch group. Finally after all the performances we all came down from our seats and joined hands around the campfire to sign Kumbyear which was my absolutely favourite part of the campfire because it felt really calming and even though we may not have talked to many people from different countries it felt like we were all connected as we sang. 

By Jess Snape 


  1. You wouldn’t want to lose anyone there ,looks like a lot of fun but I managed to spot you Ben x

  2. Just the pictures made me feel really emotional. What a fantastic experience x

  3. Bear Grylls

    I am loving reading your blogs about your adventures! I heard Ben was writing a camp fire song about me, but was disappointed not to hear it at the camp fire. Will I get to hear it soon?


  4. Duncan Bolt

    It looks like the opening scene to Gladiator. This I take it is the Barbarian Hoard!