Our day at Zermatt 

​It was 8am in the morning and our train arrived at 8.40 and we still hadn’t eaten breakfast. We shoved the food down our mouths and ran off down to the station. We took 3 trains and finally arrived in Zermatt. We took the cable car up to the topnof the mountain. We went onto the snow and down a slope in a rubber ring. This was probably the best bit because I haven’t seen snow in years. We then went and saw an ice palace which was very cold. We then took the cable car down and went shopping for a bit. We took the 3 trains back and waited for an hour before food. We had a massive pizza and ice cream for tea. 

By Joel House


  1. Rich Scott

    Jess I can’t see your teeth when your smiling have you cleaned them yet this week?
    Ps: your rocking the pink leggings & walking boots look.

  2. Duncan bolt

    Looks absolutely fabulous and fun. Harri’s got his thumb up in approval and Sam is punching the air with excitement or has he won the sweepstake again .