Our journey to Kandersteg 

Today we travelled from Bristol Westbury on Trym to Switzerland. We met up in the Church car park at 4.30am and got on a coach to Heathrow airport.  We then boarded a plane at 8.45am to depart at 8.55am. The plane landed at 11.30am local time (from now on it is in local time). The group then boarded a train to Bern, the train took 2 hrs and was lots of fun because the train was a double decker. We then got off the train to board another. After finding the train we had a long walk from one end of the second train to our reserved seats. This train journey lasted 1 hr. Once we had got off at our stop we got on a public bus to the campsite. At first the only thing we could think about was pain. Our shoulders were dead after carrying all the luggage. After a while we had settled down and had tea, a barbecue. We then got to work on setting up camp. It took the leaders, 4 people, to set up 4 tents in an hour but it took the 13 Scouts 2hrs to set 4 tents up. After we had out our things in the tents we had a safety briefing and a short run through of the activities for the next 9 days. 

By Adam Freeman