Overnight hike 

Today we woke up at the normal time to find that the last three people to be ready would have to do the recycling. They were Tom, Harri and Joel. We had breakfast and then packed two lunches (one for tomorrow). We had a tent inspection that if we finished quickly enough we could go to the village….we didn’t! Then we met Alan who would guide us to Gfellalp. All of us expect Issie, Shelagh and Mel-who didn’t come and Tim and Emily-who came on the other bus, got on the bus for 10 minutes to where we were given a map. We had a hike which was secretly a loop and the we hiked to Gfellalp, it was really steep. We were shown our way around and then we had a fire. 

By Liam 


  1. It’s sounds like you’re having a fabulous time Liam! We love reading all the adventures. X

  2. Hope you will continue with your pot washing skills when you get home Jessica!! Xx

  3. Rich Scott

    I’m glad to see that all the fund raising has paid off & the scouts are now fully qualified in the use of a t-cloth.
    You look like your having a great time in the Swiss Alps.