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We are now all back home safely and hopefully everyone has had a good nights sleep, without trains going past or Germans singing until the early hours! It was sad not to have to get up and wake up 14 children this morning, but it was nice to have a decent cup of tea and I think I’ve drank more tea today at work, that on the whole 10 days away!

Looking back on the trip, we took away 14 young people (aged from 8 to 15) and 6 adult leaders (aged from 18 to some other number!) and everyone had an amazing time. We travelled though some beautiful countryside to camp at the end of a spectacular valley surrounded by mountains, along with some 2000 other Scouts from around the world in our own mini jamboree. It was great to see our Scouts meeting Scouts from some 31 different Countries, swapping badges, neckers and stories.

All of the Scouts on the trip were amazingly well behaved and got on with each other all the time. They all did what was asked of them with the minimal of fuss (or ‘fish’, Harri!). As parents you should be be proud to have such great children, I know I am to have them as my Scouts (or ex-Scouts). I hope the trip has demonstrated that Scouting is a truly world-wide organisation with a common interest and as the Scouts become Explorers or Leaders (or Cubs become Scouts, Issie!), there are many more opportunities to meet Scouts from all over the world at various different events.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the other leaders on the trip, which, without their commitment, volunteering their time and taking holiday from work the trip could not happen. Emily, Shelagh, Mel, Tim and Annabel – Thank You for keeping track of finances and pocket money, organising this great blog, doing first aid, organising train tickets, building a shelter (multiple times!) and everything else!

Whilst we were away, it was great to invest Annabel as a full Leader with the troop, after being a Scout and going to Kandersteg on our last trip in 2010 and then becoming a Young Leader. I hope this will inspire some of the current Scouts to become (Young) Leaders and maybe next time we can invest them and one day they might even take their own group of Scouts on a amazing trip.

Finally, I have to say thank you to all the parents, grand parents and everyone else that supported our trip, by helping with our fundraising efforts, reading this blog and making some comments or just generally supporting the Scouts. The Scouts loved getting the blog comments read out every night! Over the next few weeks I will collate all the photos from the trip and in September we will run a presentation evening in the Church, to show all the photos and share some stories. Everyone is invited! Keep an eye out for the date.


Happy Scouting!




  1. Helen Kerton-Snape

    A huge thank you to you as well Paul for organising the trip!

  2. Issie and I had a truly amazing time! Switzerland is beautiful and the Kandersteg International Scout Camp is a fantastic experience. But what made the trip truly amazing was the group of funny and fascinating children and adults we shared it with. Thank you 90th for a wonderful time.
    Mel and Issie xx

  3. A very big thank you to you to Paul and for talking me into sending Adam in the first place, and to the other leaders for all their support. Scouting is brilliant and I am proud that Adam is a part of the 90th Bristol Scouts

  4. Michele Hurst

    Thank you for your lovely comments. I’m glad the children did you proud. I can honestly say not one negative has come out of James’ mouth and it is evident this trip has inspired him. Thank you to you for all your hard work and for everyone being so supportive in the fundraising.

  5. Nanny and Grandad Waring.

    A huge well done to Paul and the rest of the team. Megan and all the other scouts clearly had the time of their lives!!