Rainy day 

After we went tobogganing we spilt into 3 groups which were coming back, going swimming again and going to the lake and having an ice cream. Our group went to the lake and in our group there was Tim, Paul, Annabel, Issie, Meg, Jess, Jess, Ben, Liam and Adam. However, when we all arrived there, there was a thunder and lightning storm. It was raining very heavily so we quickly ran to find a shelter. Then we sat down in a restaurant and despite the weather we all still wanted an ice cream as it was delicious. We all got 2 scopes each which was Strawberry and vanilla. Once we had all finished we began to leave but it was still pouring with rain. We took a cable car down to the village. Then we met the others and got the bus back to camp. Although it was wet our second visit to the lake was still fun.

By Issie and Meg 


  1. Vicky & Dave

    Have you had ice cream EVERY day Meg? 🙂 Can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday x o x o

  2. James Prince

    How lucky was that ? You found shelter in a restaurant. I’ve got some ice cream ready for when you come home Bella.x

  3. Nanny and Grandad Waring.

    Sounds like a great day Meg, even in the rain. Can’t wait to see you and hear all about your amazing trip. Lots of love xxxx.

  4. NAnna and Grancha

    Meg,it looks like it can’t get much better! Lovely pictures of a fabulous time in beautiful Switzerland xx Nanna and Grancha