Today I did recycling. The pinkies are very strict about recycling and where we put the rubbish.

Plastic bag and soft plastic together. Plastic bottles together etc

The pinkies try to be as eco friendly as possible. They also support fair trade by buying as much fair trade food products as they need.

By Jess Scott


  1. James Prince

    Who are the pinkies ? Are they related to Pinkie and Perky ? I loved those little pigs. Had them on a birthday cake around 1974. Cake was made out of soap though. Rationing was still on after the war. That’s how old I am.

  2. Michelle. Sam's mum

    Sam it’s good to see you are still doing your weekly chores on holiday. We have a big bin of recycling waiting for you at home ?

  3. Duncan Bolt

    Pink Birthday cake, cor you were lucky, on my birthday I had to lick road dry with tongue. That was my birthday cake!

    Nice to see Harri doing a bit of recycling. Shame he doesn’t show so much interest in the bins at home!