Sunshine and showers 

Today we woke up and had a lie in until about 7.40. Then we headed off to breakfast and immediately got the bus to the village. Unfortunately the toboggan was closed so we had an hour and a half of free time around the village. Next after we got back from the village we had another hour of free time in which a tree house was built. Then we had our packed lunches and once the weather cleared up we headed to the bus stop. We caught the bus and walked to the cable car station. After a short satisfyingly sunny cable car ride we were in Oschiensee. Because the weather had only just got better there was barely any queue. The toboggan ride were speedy and mildly scarey on the corners. We had 5 runs and then a storm came. Me, Joel, Sam, Harri and James went with Emily back to camp while Tom and Alex went swimming with Shelagh and the rest went to the lake. My group went and brought some almond magnums and went back to the campsite soaked. A dry pair of clothes later we met the others at the bus stop and went for dinner. We had a delicious pork and pineapple stew with peaches and cream. We got back to the campsite and chilled. Some people did a quest to find a pinkie  (camp staff) and find out something about them. Then we went to bed! 



  1. James Prince

    Now I know what a pinkie is ! Seems like you’ve all been gone for yonks. You’ve certainly made the most of every minute of your time. Can’t measure my jealousy level anymore. I am deffo coming on next trip.

  2. Ben bradfield

    you can see in one of the photos harri’s pained expression of agony!