The adventures of Meg

This morning we awoke to the excitement of staying in a mountain Hut, but first we had to get there. It was around lunchtime when  we left, so we ate our lunch first then met our instructor, Alan. After a quick briefing, we began the long trek to the Hut. However, Alan helped us pass the time by showing us plants that we could eat and stopping various times along the way to complete fun activities like making rock towers. Once we arrived at the mountain Hut we sorted out our sleeping arrangements and some scouts cooked the dinner. It was soup, spaghetti bolognese and moose for pudding. After this we had some free time and purchased sweets from the Tuck shop. There was also a campfire and lovely views of the mountains and valleys. By the time we went to bed, it was very late so we all fell asleep quickly dreaming of the morning.

By Meg


  1. Vicky & Dave

    We love The Adventures of Meg! Sounds like a real adventure x

  2. Andreas Mueller

    Moose for pudding. Sounds more like a main course ?

  3. Nanny and Grandad Waring.

    Kitty says she loves your blog Meg! X.

  4. Nanna & grancha

    Just just breathtaking Meg,how incredible, you will never forget this! Uncle Andy and Aunty Amy are very jealous?Xxxx Nanna and Grancha