The last supper 

Yesterday, sadly, was the last full day at Kandersteg and it was an eventful one. For dinner we had a barbecue burger and sausage, which was our first meal here as well. After the delicious supper, we had about an hour to relax and pack before getting our uniform on to prepare for the August 1st parade, which not only celebrates the birth of Scouting but also Switzerland as a country.

We paraded down from the campsite to the village where we gathered in a park in the town center to watch the fireworks. The show was amazing and very colourful, but mostly quite loud! After the show we were all very tired and tried to get out of the park quite sharpish to try and beat the stampeed. We went to bed quite early as it was an early start the next morning and that was our last night in Switzerland. 🙂

The End by Ben Bradfield


  1. Oh Ben I’m sad I’ve enjoyed all the daily blogs safe journey home granny x