Summer Camp

This years joint Summer Camp was with 77th, 90th, 167th Bristol Scouts and Steama Explorers. We went to Exmoor. The Scouts and Explorers were all split into patrols and cooked all the meals for themselves (and leaders!) on open fires, we just provided some food and instructions. The highlight of the meals was the ‘free day meal’, where we give each patrol £25 and take them to a supermarket, where they have to buy the ingredients to cook a three course meal. All the meals were excellent and ranged from eggs benedict, to curry, to stir fry and for dessert, trifles, strawberries coated in chocolate and spotted dick!

Activities for the week included high ropes, stand up paddle boarding, NGOOT (incident hike), crystal maze and lots of time in the river. The Explorers also completed a two day hike and undertook some conservation with Exmoor National Park.

Here are some photos from the camp.