Today we went to breakfast at normal time, made lunch, then we piled into a bus,received a firm spanking from the driver, rolled up to the train station then hopped on the train to Interlaken where we hung out for a bit (this pun is definitely intended!)

We then slipped into some wedgie inducing harnesses, hopped onto a small practice track and then we were set free to fly through the trees. There were multiple course so everyone could do what they wanted. Overall most people agreed that today was the best day so far.
By Tom


High ropes at Interlaken

This morning we got up at 7.15 and had breakfast at 8am so we could catch a train to Spiez and then another one to Interlaken. Once we had gotten to Interlaken we had a small walk from the train up to the high ropes course. At the high ropes place we had to wait a couple of minutes before we put on our harnesses. Once we had done this we had a briefing and had a test run on a beginners course. There were a whole range of courses and difficulties from butterfly to Eagle. We spent a couple of hours there before we walked back to the train station. We stopped at a supermarket, here we had ice creams and ice lollies. Me, Liam, Jess and Harri got an extra ice cream but had to do the recycling! After this we got 2 trains and a bus back. When we got back we went straight to tea which was leek soup and macaroni cheese. After dinner we did the recycling,got wood and had a fire.

by James Hurst 

International Campfire evening 

After swimming we came back and had some tea which was creamy chicken and mushroom and for dessert we had straciatella. It was delicious. Soon after our free time (Adam, Issie, Jess, Meg and I had chips!!!) We went down to the campfire and had a fantastic time! There were so many people in different coloured t-shirts from different countries! There were people from Ireland, Portugal, Canada, Germany, Italy, Egypt, USA, Brazil, UK and loads of others. The countries all did different performances and my favourite one was the one with the muppets done by a Dutch group. Finally after all the performances we all came down from our seats and joined hands around the campfire to sign Kumbyear which was my absolutely favourite part of the campfire because it felt really calming and even though we may not have talked to many people from different countries it felt like we were all connected as we sang. 

By Jess Snape 

Swimming in the sun 

Today after our stay in the Hut we hiked back to the campsite. It took about 3.5hrs. There were some amazing views. When we got back we were to the swimming pool where we went on the slides and jumped off diving boards. It was very fun.  

By Alex Millman 

Swiss Pyramid 

Today has been fun. We tidied our tents and had free time. Then we had lunch and set off. First we got a bus then a train then a cable car. We went in a playground and then a cafe. Then we came back had tea and got ready for bed and went to sleep.

By Issie

(Issie, Mel and Shelagh’s day off)

Overnight hike 

Today we woke up at the normal time to find that the last three people to be ready would have to do the recycling. They were Tom, Harri and Joel. We had breakfast and then packed two lunches (one for tomorrow). We had a tent inspection that if we finished quickly enough we could go to the village….we didn’t! Then we met Alan who would guide us to Gfellalp. All of us expect Issie, Shelagh and Mel-who didn’t come and Tim and Emily-who came on the other bus, got on the bus for 10 minutes to where we were given a map. We had a hike which was secretly a loop and the we hiked to Gfellalp, it was really steep. We were shown our way around and then we had a fire. 

By Liam 

The adventures of Meg

This morning we awoke to the excitement of staying in a mountain Hut, but first we had to get there. It was around lunchtime when  we left, so we ate our lunch first then met our instructor, Alan. After a quick briefing, we began the long trek to the Hut. However, Alan helped us pass the time by showing us plants that we could eat and stopping various times along the way to complete fun activities like making rock towers. Once we arrived at the mountain Hut we sorted out our sleeping arrangements and some scouts cooked the dinner. It was soup, spaghetti bolognese and moose for pudding. After this we had some free time and purchased sweets from the Tuck shop. There was also a campfire and lovely views of the mountains and valleys. By the time we went to bed, it was very late so we all fell asleep quickly dreaming of the morning.

By Meg

Packing for the overnight hike 

Just about to depart for an overnight hike up the mountain. We are having a tidy up and packing our kit ready for the trek. We are quite slow at packing and it has taken all morning! Looking forward to a bed in the mountain Hut and meeting the other English group who we are sharing with. Keep checking back for updates on our overnight adventure.  

Ben’s blog about Matterhorn 

Wow! What a day. In my opinion, this has been one of the best days so far. Everyone has had a really fun time but are very tired as well. 

We had an early start this morning waking up at 7am. We then had to quickly get dressed, have breakfast, make a packed lunch before walking  to the nearby town and catching a train to Matterhorn. We stopped various times along the way and switched trains a few times. Finally after 2hrs of travelling we made it to the beautiful little village of Zermatt. We then jumped onto some cable cars which gave some amazing views of the mountains and Zermatt. It took about half an hour to get to the top and it suddenly got very cold and very snowy. We went up to the viewing platform to take some amazing pictures, however unfortunately the top of the Matterhorn was shrouded in fog so we couldn’t see all of it. We then went back down to have some tasty lunch. 

After lunch we went down to see the ice palace. It had loads of amazing ice sculptures and even a slide made out of ice! After spending some time there we went back down the cable cars to shop at Zermatt and got the train back to the village. 

We then had some delicious pizza in a restaurant with ice cream for pudding, it was very nice. 

By Ben Bradfield 

Our day at Zermatt 

​It was 8am in the morning and our train arrived at 8.40 and we still hadn’t eaten breakfast. We shoved the food down our mouths and ran off down to the station. We took 3 trains and finally arrived in Zermatt. We took the cable car up to the topnof the mountain. We went onto the snow and down a slope in a rubber ring. This was probably the best bit because I haven’t seen snow in years. We then went and saw an ice palace which was very cold. We then took the cable car down and went shopping for a bit. We took the 3 trains back and waited for an hour before food. We had a massive pizza and ice cream for tea. 

By Joel House