A traditional Swiss dinner 

After a busy day exploring  Zermatt (more to follow from Ben and Joel shortly),we sat down to a lovely traditional Swiss meal of pizza and ice cream!! Early night as we are all shattered (well the adults are anyway!). 

Good night all 

Hike to Oschiensee

Another eventful day today, we were going to walk up a mountain to a beautiful lake.

We started the walk in the campsite, then we walked to the village for the first part of the walk. We had to walk by a river. The walk was hot and tiring. It was really fun. When we finally got there we ate lunch. After lunch we had an ice cream. 

By Jess Scott 

Row row row your boat 

When we got there we had our lunch and set off to row on the lake. In my boat was Jessica, Meg and Emily. There are two waterfalls and we rowed towards them. We came as close as we could to one and quite close to the other. They both came from a glacier which means the water is REALLY cold!!! We (Jess, Meg and I), stuck our feet in the water and cooled off at the end. We all had a go at rowing and stayed on the lake for our allotted hour. Chaining up the boat was quite tricky but apart from that everything was fine. 
By Euan Baines Thomas 

A quiet night in the Alps

After a very wet evening huddled under the tarp we decided on an early night to catch up on some much needed sleep. So we lie down in our beds listening to the gentle hum of the trains passing by and the serenading of the Germans on the campsite next to us. We were treated to a bit of Bryan Adams-Summer of 69, It’s a Mad World, Country road and Streets of London. Pretty impressive considering they are under 16 and singing in a second language. Not quite the peaceful Alps we had in mind but lots of fun nethertheless. I feel we are going to be outdone at the International Campfire evening, must start practicing! Good night all. 

After 4pm in Kandersteg 

Today after 4pm was incredible. When we got back from the walk we had 2hrs of free time in which I played lots of cards and whittled lots of sticks. It was so fun.
After free time we went to the International evening where we traded badges with other countries and we also trade neckas. When we got back we had a campfire. 
By Sam Muller 

Mountain views 

Today we went on a trail around the village. It was a very tiring walk. We went up a huge hill and it was very rocky. On the way down it was very slippy and people were slipping and falling over.  It was very high and it was a good view.  

The hill was called Ho. From the top we could see mountains, snow and people paragliding. Also we could see swimming pools and the train station. When we got to the bottom we looked in shops and I had an ice cream. 

By Issie Lloyd aged 8 

Our journey to Kandersteg 

Today we travelled from Bristol Westbury on Trym to Switzerland. We met up in the Church car park at 4.30am and got on a coach to Heathrow airport.  We then boarded a plane at 8.45am to depart at 8.55am. The plane landed at 11.30am local time (from now on it is in local time). The group then boarded a train to Bern, the train took 2 hrs and was lots of fun because the train was a double decker. We then got off the train to board another. After finding the train we had a long walk from one end of the second train to our reserved seats. This train journey lasted 1 hr. Once we had got off at our stop we got on a public bus to the campsite. At first the only thing we could think about was pain. Our shoulders were dead after carrying all the luggage. After a while we had settled down and had tea, a barbecue. We then got to work on setting up camp. It took the leaders, 4 people, to set up 4 tents in an hour but it took the 13 Scouts 2hrs to set 4 tents up. After we had out our things in the tents we had a safety briefing and a short run through of the activities for the next 9 days. 

By Adam Freeman 

Even the adults are smiling! 

A glorious day in sunny Switzerland. Lots of hiking today and exploring the village. Thanks for all the comments and views. Stand by for blogs from Izzy and Sam later tonight.  

1st night in Switzerland 

We have all made it to Switzerland after a very long journey. Lots of puffy eyes and tired children this morning but we will be hardened campers by the end of the trip. After a yummy breakfast we are all set for a day sight seeing in Kandersteg. Keep reading, lots more to come! 

We’ve Arrived!

We’ve all arrived safely at Kandersteg (well, except Tim & Emily that will be turning up later)

The tents are up and everyone is setting up their beds, ready for an early night.

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