Personal Records Policy

In order to undertake Scouting activities safely, the Group needs to hold some personal details about its members. These are collected and stored electronicaly using a web service called Online Scout Manager.

  • On joining the Scout Group and every year, the Section Leader will ask the parent or carer to check and update your details to ensure we always have correct information.
  • You will receive an email with a unique link to access your childs details. The first time you will need to create an account with Online Scout Manager. This account will enable you to change the details at anytime and will automatically notify the leaders.
  • If you have lost the email or are unable to login, contact your childs section leader for help.
  • The information entered may be shared with other leaders involved with running activities and other parts of The Scout Association eg District for moving on to Explorers or the annual census.
  • Photographs and video images may be taken at events and activities, and these may include your child. The images may be used in the media, internet websites, or in other ways to promote Scouting. If you have any objections to the use of your child’s image in this way please contact the Scout Leader and we will discuss practical ways of complying with your request.
  • Online Scout Manager’s policies are here.
  • If you would like to discuss our policies further, either speak to your childs section leader or contact us.

Last Updated: 10th September 2019