Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (or exec) is responsible for the overall running of the Scout Group. The Committee look after the finances, fundraising and membership records. The roles below are all elected at the Groups Annual General Meeting in July, if you would like to volunteer for one of the roles, please contact us for a chat about what is involved.


The Chairperson of the Executive Committee will manage meetings and will work with the Group Scout Leader to ensure the Group operates in accordance with the Policy, Organisation and Rules of the Scout Association. The Chairperson is responsible for members of the Committee, including the Treasurer and Secretary.

  • Neil Baines-Thomas

Neil is the parent of a Scout and has lived in Westbury-on-Trym for the past 18 years.  His two children attend WOT Academy school.  Taking up the role of chairperson only recently, Neil is keen to continue the good work and to become involved in future developments of the Group, through working collaboratively with the other members of the Executive Committee.



The Secretary assists the Chairperson in the effective administration of the Group by providing sound administrative support. This could mean ensuring the completion of the annual census or maintaining records of members of the Group. This is the ideal role for someone who does not necessarily want to work directly with young people, but who is organised and enjoys administrative work.

  • Karen Tindall

Karen has lived in Westbury-on-Trym for 9 years and has recently become secretary for 90th Bristol group. She has a son in Cubs. Karen has been a leader in Girlguiding for over 20 years. She currently runs a Rainbow group in Westbury.

Group Membership Secretary

  • Pete Smith

Pete is responsible for collecting subscriptions and keeping records of all our members. His eldest son has just moved onto Explorers after 7 years at the 90th as a Beaver, Cub and Scout.  Pete’s youngest son is following in his footsteps and is currently a Cub. The boys attend Westbury on Trym Academy and the Bristol Free School.


The Treasurer assists the Chairperson in the effective administration of the Group by providing financial support. This could mean setting the annual budget or completing annual accounts. This role is ideal for someone who does not necessarily want to work directly with young people, but who is comfortable working with figures and budgets.

  • Ann Gordon

Ann has been Treasurer since July 2014. Her son is currently a scout, having come up through Beavers and Cubs. She also has a daughter. Both children go to Bristol Free School and Ann works in the office at Westbury on Trym C of E Academy.

Beaver Scout Parent Representatives

  • Victoria Angell
  • Victoria Bendon

Cub Scout Parent Representative

  • Katherine Stephens

Scout Parent Representative

  • Michele Hurst

Badge Secretary

  • Alison Catlin 

Alison has a son in Beavers and a son in Scouts.  She orders all the badges for the Group but will only sew badges onto her own son’s uniforms (in case you were thinking of asking!)


  • Mike Hurst

Social Media, Communications & Web Site News

  • Kate James
  • Alistair Mackintosh

Recycled Uniform

  • Alex Flaherty-Weeks

Alex’s son started Beavers at 90th and loved it and is now in Cubs. Alex was involved in Guiding as a child and as a Ranger was selected to represent the Midlands at an International Camp in Austria. Alex says ‘I loved my time in Guiding and wanted my children to have the same opportunities as I did’. She feels that by doing the small but important job of being the Recycled Uniform Contact that she is doing her bit to help the 90th Bristol Scout Group.