Kandersteg Pinkies 

These are the Pinkies and we have been on a quest to find out more about them. 
Jess and Jess met Cielo and it means sky in Spanish. She is from Argentina and her interesting fact is that she can’t sleep in an unmade bed. Today Cielo worked in the shop and cleaned the toilets! 

Meg and Issie met Anna and she is from Spain. Today she had been working in the shop. 

Liam, Ben and James met a pinkie called Bjork and she was from Denmark. She helps in the shop. Her role is the shop coordinator. Today she had been restocking the shop. 

Tom and Alex met Vanessa who wouldn’t declare her age! She was born in Napels and was raised and lives in Rome. This morning she did the recycling and this afternoon she has been clearing up. Her interesting fact is that she is the youngest of 3 sisters and she doesn’t link pizza even though she is from Italy and born at the home of pizza!!